Posted April 25, 2013 by Bagman in Briefcase Buying

Set Yourself Up For Success With The Padfolio


If you are reading this you already understand that the briefcase is a required compmonent of your business toolchest. If you are looking to maximize and set yourself up for success, consider using the padfolio in the workplace. Used mostly for business meetings that are within the office but away from the desk, the padfolio is a versatile alternative that allows you to stay professional and organized.

The padfolio is the smallest type of briefcase. The key characteristic is the lack of a handle, designed to be carried by hand or under the arm.

The purpose of the padfolio is to stay organized away from the desk

 The purpose of the padfolio is to stay organized away from the desk during meetings without the requirement of a briefcase. The reason why padfolios are not often used is because the standard manilla envelope is a strong competitor to organization at business meetings. However, the lack of use in the office makes you stand out when you show up with a leather bound padfolio instead of a envelope with files jammed inside.

Padfolios are a cheap way to present yourself in a professional manner. Most padfolios include a slot for your meeting paperwork, business cards, pen and notebook, making you prepared for most occasions in the office. Taking notes in padfolio will always look more upscale than writing down notes on a notepad.

Preparing yourself for success is the first step to achieving it when the opportunity comes across. It is important to project your professionalism not only in your attitude but your clothes and accessories as well.