Posted April 30, 2013 by Bagman in Briefcase Buying

Don’t Make The Briefcase Strap Mistake


Briefcase straps are traditionally found on messenger bags or laptop bags, designed for taking the weight off carrying it in your hands. Its convenient and functional, but is it appropriate for the workplace? Many briefcases that are suitable for the workplace come often come with a detachable strap. Perhaps this functionality foreshadows our stance that briefcase straps should be avoided if you are looking to project a professional appearance.

Messenger bags, satchels and to an extent briefcases with straps are all anchored and associated with a non professional environments. Messenger bags are traditionally worn by couriers, students or for casual personal use, all of which are associated to casual or non-formal events. While you may think you look completely professional with the strap over your shoulder, there will be individuals who can’t help but inherently recall the thought that straps are equate casual. Your goal in the workplace is to maximizes your professional appearance and not settle with what you can get away with.

Briefcase straps are considered to be a sloppy in the workplace. When carrying your briefcase, the strap will dangle from the sides and hang less than foot off the ground. The clasps connecting the strap to the briefcase is metal, which may clink when walking depending on design quality. When placed on the ground, the strap is strewn aside sloppily.

The traditional approach to briefcase straps in the workplace is to avoid it when you want to present a clean professional appearance. A detachable strap is what we always recommend to our readers. The strap is more forgivable if it is very apparent that it is a laptop briefcase, but if you want to maximize your appearance, do not consider what you can get away with.