Posted April 13, 2013 by Bagman in Briefcase Buying

Different Types Of Briefcases


In the modern business world, the type of briefcase you can bring to each meeting is more flexible. Modern innovation combines the styles between each traditional definition of a briefcase. Deciding which briefcase is right for you requires some research, our website will help you find the perfect bag.


Padfolios are the thinnest and smallest briefcase available to the business man. Designed to enclose the minimal amount required for a business meeting, the padfolio is a great way to make a great impression. Traditionally, padfolios do not have handles at the top, meant to be carried in hand or under the arm. Due to the thin frame of this type of briefcase, only flat objects are able to fit inside.



Portfolios are a close cousin to the padfolio with the main difference being the handle and size. With the handle at the top of the portfolio, it makes the portfolio a much better candidate if portability is required. Internally the portfolio is bulkier in nature and able to hold contents larger in dimensions.

Messenger Bags

Perceived to be the most casual or dressed down version of the briefcase is the messenger bag. With a strap over the shoulder it is the stylish choice to compliment the business attire. The versatility and portability of the messenger bag makes it a big favorite among students and individuals who need maneuverability with the portability.



Attachés are the traditional briefcase, largest and most angular in shape. Traditionally with two compartments designed to be opened up on the side, it is the briefcase with the most capacity. Due to its size and traditional professional aesthetics, it is a favorite among most business men looking for something versatile and appropriate for all business events.

Traveling/Rolling Briefcase

Individuals who travel often for business prefer the rolling briefcase for longer trips. Travel briefcases are similar to the usual briefcase but sturdier, larger and generally with wheels and a long handle. The size is to accommodate for overnight or weekend clothes with a laptop. This type of briefcase is generally still small enough to bring to business meetings without looking like you packed a wardrobe.