Posted April 27, 2013 by Bagman in Briefcase Buying

4 Reasons To Avoid Using A Roller Briefcase


There are very valid reasons to using a roller briefcase on your business trips. There is no denying the efficiency in rolling over carrying by hand. However, there are some disadvantages to the selection of the roller briefcase and we are here to consider if the benefits really outweigh the costs.

1. Frequency of use

The reality is that even for customer facing businessman, the likelihood that you would head out of the country on a trip more than once a month is rare. You can end up paying up to $250 for a briefcase you use only 6-7 times a year. Consider the frequency of travel to see if it really is worth it for you.

2. High Traffic Problems

In the busy city with foot traffic jammed at every intersection, freely rolling a briefcase around without getting it caught or tripping someone over is difficult and frustrating. Usually, due to the amount of people congregating in certain areas, the most efficient path may be off a curb, resulting in smacking your laptop roller briefcase off a half foot drop. Of course, in certain situations you can carry it, which leads us to our next problem, weight.

3. Weight

Roller briefcases are built sturdy and tough designed to be able to handle the harsh life of travel. Unfortunately, this benefit comes at the cost of weight. The metal handle, firm exterior and wheels adds more weight than expected when you are dragging your briefcase up flights of stairs, through spinwheels on the subway or in and out of cars.

4. Rapport and Efficiency

One of the secrets to building rapport right after first impressions is fitting in with the people around you. Bulky and noisy, when you are using a roller briefcase it looks like you wheeled in your wardrobe. Rolling the briefcase around is great for longer uninterrupted walks. In the office environment after you have arrived at your destination, rolling around your briefcase is both inefficient and noisy.

Despite this we are believers in roller briefcases for the right occasions. Although it is hypocritical for us to tell you to save money by buying fewer bags, we wanted to show you that the efficiency of the roller bag is not so cut and dry.