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Best Briefcases For Men


The best briefcase for men may be different for everyone, so we characterize and quantify the search for the best briefcase with careful consideration of the best value for each budget range. Our goal is to deliver you the best briefcase for the money, the briefcase that exudes professionalism and class to propel your appearance to the next level.

The briefcase is an investment in yourself that is guaranteed to pay off. Keep in mind that the discounts on Amazon fluctuate greatly, but since they are often subject to a sale, we will be rating based on the current price.

Best Briefcase On A Budget

Maxam-Brand-Italian-Mosaic-Design-Genuine-Leather-Briefcase-frontThe Maxam Brand Italian Mosiac Design Briefcase is an extremely low priced briefcase. It looks great for its price and the functionality and durability suffices. If you don’t have a briefcase and want something professional to bring to work, this briefcase is definitely the one to get if price is a concern.

There are a few shortcomings, the bag may need airing out on arrival, zippers leave a small gap at the end of the track and the handles feel slightly flimsy. These shortcomings are not evident to other people, so overall this briefcase is a great way to start you off on briefcase ownership because it looks clean and professional. View this low price on Amazon now.

Best Briefcase for Value

samsonite-leather-flapover-briefcaseThe best briefcase for value is the Samsonite Flapover Leather Briefcase for the quality leather and polished look at a low price. It is a clean and professional briefcase that often draws a lot of compliments at work. Our 15.5″ Lenovo laptop easily fits within the briefcase with accessories in the same section. The zippered center compartment is great for keeping important documents and staying organized. You might not miss it if you are not a traveler, but the rear compartment also doubles as a suitcase handle.

As Samsonite’s entry level flapover briefcase, the leather is not the softest, but provides rigid support and protection. However, our favorite feature of this briefcase is the soft leather grip under the top handle that molds to your hand as you carry it. For anyone looking for the best briefcase for men on a budget, you could not go wrong with the durable Samsonite Flapover Leather Briefcase. View the best briefcase for value on Amazon.

Best Briefcase For Men

leather briefcaseVisconti Apollo Oil Tanned Leather Briefcase is absolutely gorgeous with the added benefit of being able to be used casually as well. This is our go-to leather briefcase that screams style and class, clean and professional has never looked so good. The leather is clearly the high point, soft and luxurious to look at and touch. Interior, the briefcase fits a 15″ laptop snugly, and still has room for documentation and miscelaneos items. The top handle is sturdy and comfortable to carry when the flap clicks shut securely.

As previously stated, this briefcase can be used in and out of the office. The detachable strap makes it very easy to dress up or dress down the briefcase’s appearance. We highly recommend this briefcase because the image you project and the functionality it provides is great value on the dollar. View the Visconti Apollo on Amazon.